To The Wild Sky:
Rachmaninoff, Tennyson & Poe

To The Wild Sky:<br>Rachmaninoff, Tennyson & Poe
Livestreamed on Sunday, March 19, 2023 | 4:00 pm 

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky.” Poetry and music together paint vivid landscapes, evoking unearthly vignettes from the minds of Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, one of America’s greatest orchestras, joins Cathedral Choral Society at Washington National Cathedral for this stunning marriage of music and words.


Sergei Rachmaninoff: Isle of the Dead, Op. 29  
Based on Arnold Böcklin’s painting, Isle of the Dead.  
Augusta Read Thomas: Ring Out, Wild Bells  
Text by Alfred, Lord Tennyson  
Sergei Rachmaninoff: The Bells, Op. 35  
Text by Edgar Allen Poe  


The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra  
Andriana Chuchman, soprano
John Ramseyer, tenor
Aleksey Bogdanov, baritone
Steven Fox, conductor

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What happens when poetry and music meet?
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