Equity & Inclusion

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Improve Access

CCS will recognize and work to overcome real and perceived barriers to access and to create robust pathways to the organization for singers, staff members, audiences, and community members.

Invite Diversity

CCS will create and foster an institutional and artistic culture that inspires conversation, learning, communication, and understanding within and across a broad constituency, and work to ensure that minoritized voices are represented in all facets of organizational life and decision-making.

Promote Inclusion

CCS will work to co-create a culture in which all feel welcomed and valued for their gifts and talents, all feel invited, and people can bring their whole selves. To achieve this, CCS will work to dismantle racism and other biases – explicit and implicit, individual, and institutional – both within our organization and in the broader community.

Strive for Equity

CCS will build a community in which people from all backgrounds are provided support and opportunities and experience fairness and justice. This is a community where outcomes, accomplishments, and success cannot be predicted based on one’s identity.