David Dalton


Voice Part: Bass 1

Season Joined: 2018-2019

Birthplace: Hatfield, PA

What is your story as a singer: I was an instrumentalist long before I was a vocalist! I started playing the trombone and the euphonium in 4th grade, and I was one of those kids who just added on extracurricular after extracurricular. In high school, I started mixing chorus in with my weekly dose of musical activities, and I loved it!

In college, I continued to sing in choir while working towards my trombone degree, and I also became the vocal percussionist in an a cappella group! Since I completed my undergrad, singing has slowly taken over as my primary form of music making (much easier to keep up with than the trombone, let me tell you!), and being in a choir truly scratches my performance itch! 

Do you sing with other choirs? Nope! I sang in the American University Chamber Singers while I was completing my Master's, and I sang with the Eastman-Rochester Chorus in Rochester, NY before that, but for now it's all CCS, all the time.

Favorite onstage experience: Performing the trombone solo part in "Superbone Meets the Badman" with a jazz ensemble at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, Italy. That experience playing for a packed piazza on the top of a mountain in the Italian countryside gives me chills just thinking about it! Sorry it's not a favorite choral experience, although there are many of those too!

What are you listening to these days? I've been pretty into a band called Sidewalk Chalk lately. I've known them for a couple years but have done a deeper dive into their album "Leaves" in the last month or two and it gets better every time. If you want to know what's so great about them (in long form), ask me some time!